Micro POM
Aalborg 2022

Transition Regimes:
Cultures of Media Art

Aalborg University
May 10-11, 2022

Create Campus
Rendsburggade 14
Aalborg, 080 DK-9000


Ivana Emily Škoro | Claudia Oliveira | Asmara Faiq

Display is an ephemeral, site-specific installation consisting of an inflatable made of yellow biohazard waste bags and light manipulation. The exterior of the artwork alludes to a smartphone screen by utilizing a window frame of the Create building. Display enables visitors to either enter the inflatable and become part of the manufactured spectacle or stand outside the window frame and watch the attendants inside. The participants’ roles switch depending on where they stand within the installation – they can choose to either observe and or be observed. During the daytime, the visitors inside the inflatable are shielded by the sun’s glare and can see the world unheeded from the intimate yellow balloon. Conversely, as the sun sets, the lights turn on to reveal the people inside while the participants on the outside become hidden under a veil of darkness. When a participant enters the inflatable they become an integral part of the exhibit; having no control over their display on the outside as the installation morphs their physical features.

Next to the exhibition opening hours, visitors are invited to experience Diplays between sunset and 11 pm on May 10th and 11th.

Project Team


Ivana Emily Škoro

Ivana Emily Škoro is currently studying Media Arts Cultures and researching Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) and digital copyright. She works for Campus d.o.o., a Croatian record label where she manages the digital content of the signed artists. She has co-curated Postponed Until Further Notice, which has been showcased during The Wrong Biennale 2022, and has written a number of articles on the topic of film, copyright, and surveillance capitalism.

Claudia Oliveira

Claudia Oliveira is an artist, researcher and programmer, currently pursuing an Erasmus Mundus joint Master’s degree in Media Arts Cultures. Her work examines the digital world’s limitations as an expressive instrument, raising questions about how reality is mediated and influenced by technology. She has shown work at several institutions and festivals including V2_ Lab for Unstable Media, Science Gallery Dublin, Sónar+D, Scenkonst Museet, Spektrum and LOOP Barcelona, and has been a resident artist at Changsha Media Arts Center (CN), Festival Internacional de la Imagen (CO), and V2_ (NL).

Asmara Faiq

Asmara Faiq is currently pursuing an MA in Media Arts Cultures as part of the Erasmus Mundus Joint Masters Degree Program. Her interests lie in new media art and curatorial practices, specifically in public spaces. Previously, Asmara has worked as a creative producer for Salt Arts, an interdisciplinary artistic collective exploring new relationships between music and technology, in Karachi, Pakistan. Her other curatorial collaborations include, Sheherezade – The Walled City Anthology Lahore (2019); Women of the World Festival (2020); and Home : Lockdown Music Series (2020-21).