Politics of The Machines
Micro Editions

The MikroPOM is the sub-format of the international conference series POM – Politics of Machines, which aims at investigating the histories, theories and practices of machines and technologies in-between and beyond disciplines. Whereas the POM-conference focuses on wide international participation, the MicroPOM is envisioned to be centred around local-contexts. The MicroPOM focuses especially on the growth layer of the field: the upcoming younger and emerging practitioners as well as scholars. Part of the aim of the MicroPOM is to establish a place for critiquing existing politics of the field, suggesting new policies and manifestos relating to each local context, as well as to share interests, work and emerging thoughts.

The MicroPOM aims to make visible the local, experimental and transdisciplinary projects and environments across art, science and technology in a shareable and social setting. It offers a venue for emerging practitioners to share their interests and work, experiment with organizing formats and create a professional, critical, as well as social context for interested participants.
It will be an event of typically approx. 24 hours, which includes talks, presentations, exhibitions, interventions and demonstrators, as well as keynote panelists including invited established scholars. Each MicroPOM event will be featured on the POM-conference website creating a continuum of local micro-scale events around the world – of people and places with experimental transdisciplinary interests across academia and independent professionals.