Micro POM
Aalborg 2022

Transition Regimes:
Cultures of Media Art

Aalborg University
May 10-11, 2022

Create Campus
Rendsburggade 14
Aalborg, 080 DK-9000

KIN-DER INC. : Family Design In The Posthuman World

Cece Manzano (Koikill) | Diana Monroy-García | Buted Oyunbileg | Joy Panaligan | Andrea Tešanović
KIN-DER.INC discusses the dogma of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ART) and biopolitics surrounding the body as a vessel for breeding new life. The project uses absurdity and comedy to unpack the black box of biotechnology. Inspired by the mockumentary genre, the video installation addresses the design thinking methodology applied to contemporary “family design” to understand how control and customization over objects and subjects’ experiences have transferred to designing reproduction. Life surpasses biology and is created in a laboratory. ART bypass the notion of biology as destiny and transitions to design/technological creation. The project is situated in a fantastical world, created out of real-life events and elements. KIN-DER.INC presents an ad for a family design agency using archive materials, compiling, and collaging. The project metabolizes the posthuman world built on the ruins of the Anthropocene and hyper-commodification, run by enhanced humans, biotechnology, and commercial medicine reserved for the privileged, while the underprivileged do their reproductive labour. Sex is dead, long live the army of surrogates.

Project Team


Cece Manzano (Koikill)

Multimedia Graphic Designer and VJ from El Salvador, working in the creative industry since 2015. She specializes in multimedia installations and motion design, both in commercial and cultural fields. Her experience includes Animation, Graphic design, 3D Modelling and Video editing. Her current interest is to discover and develop the future connections between artistic practices and the creative industry, particularly in live music performances.

Diana Monroy-García

Historian, MA in Museum Studies, a researcher working to develop audiovisual and digital tools for artists and other researchers to reach broader audiences. Her background includes academic and curatorial research, she is also part of the Colombian artistic collective @masaartivismo. Her professional scope of action includes arts and cultural institutions, audiovisual production, and the music industry

Buted Oyunbileg

Digital Designer with an experience in user interface design, brand & identity design, and media production. Her portfolio includes creating product solutions for a variety of startups, experimenting with technology to develop editorial contents, and building brand identities with digital campaigns. In addition, she has worked towards making space for collaboration for creatives through her efforts in organizing CreativeMornings and the PechaKucha chapter in Mongolia. Her current interests lie in exploring technology-inspired new art forms pushing the boundaries of the understanding of art.

Joy Panaligan

A researcher and a human resource manager working in a blockchain gaming company based in Singapore. She has co-authored peer-reviewed publications that broadly examine the digital labor conditions in the Philippines including Skill Makers in the platform economy; Performing “digital labor bayanihan”; and Discounted nativeness on online English teaching. Her current research projects centers on online language teaching and the contemporary process of globalization, particularly the Southeast Asian mobile and blockchain gaming industry.

Andrea Tešanović

Versatile creative producer, artist, curator, and researcher. Her specialty is cultural management, video production, festival production, and digital content production. Founder of a music festival HALI GALI and live electronic conceptual events NOĆNE MORE, among others. As a multimedia artist, she investigates how digital work operates in a traditional art context, and vice versa, how ephemeral, poetic symbols behave in digital environments. Her work explores the relationship between punk and technology, between art and science. She managed cultural venues and creative projects in Belgrade. Directed music videos and a mockumentary. Podcast producer and host. Researcher in the field of transdisciplinary humanities and media art.